Reka Nagy

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Me and my Work: I study genetics to discover why we look like our relatives, and how our genes make us the way we are.

Status: I've learned so much about space and the world around us over these two weeks! Thanks for all the votes and love you sent my way! <3

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Pip Millington

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Me and my Work: I’m in my fifth year as a doctor, and third year traning in paediatrics.

Status: Enjoying all the live chats this week! If you have enjoyed them too, please vote to keep me in :P

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Kuntal Singh

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Me and my Work: “Imagine all the food mankind has produced over the past 8,000 years. Now consider that we need to produce that same amount again — but in just the next 40 years if we are to feed our growing and hungry world.” — Paul Polman

Status: ..... (a dot going to its lab)

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Kate Elliott

Photo: Kate

Me and my Work: Using x-rays to treat cancer

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Ajay Mishra

Photo: Ajay

Me and my Work: Understanding how our skin is maintained throughout our life.

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